Who can become a member of NIU Health?

Everyone. We do require a valid, unexpired government-issued ID to sign up. If you are the legal parent or guardian signing up on behalf of a minor, we will accept your valid, unexpired, government-issued ID.

What does my membership include?

Members have access to telehealth and in-person care, low-cost prescription drugs and discounted laboratory tests.

Are prescription drugs and laboratory tests included in the membership cost?

No. Your membership includes telehealth and in-person clinic visits. We also offer low-cost prescription medication and discounted laboratory tests.

If you don’t have drug coverage with your existing health insurance plan or don’t have health insurance, your membership gives you access to a variety of common prescription drugs at a much lower cost, most are under $5. Some of the medications we offer are used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, infections, heart disease, lung disease, and sexual health.

If I purchase prescription medication from NIU Health, how will I get my medication?

When prescribed by our healthcare providers, members can purchase discounted medications that will be placed in a QR coded lockbox at the NIU Health clinic of your choice. After your online consultation with a healthcare provider, you will need to reserve a date and time to pick up your medication. You will be asked to enter in your credit or debit card information. Medications should be picked up from the lockbox within 1 hour from your reserved date and time. otherwise, it will be returned to stock and you may be billed for a restocking fee ($0.99).

Your credit or debit card on file will be charged once you pick up your medication. Federal laws prohibit the return of prescription medication(s), therefore once you remove the medication from the lockbox you may not return the purchased medication(s). Unfortunately, NIU Health does not do mail prescriptions at this time.

May I get my prescriptions from a pharmacy other than from NIU Health?

Absolutely, if your current medical insurance plan offers you drug coverage, or it’s a medication we don’t carry in stock, we will send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

May I just purchase medication that I have been prescribed by my primary care provider without being a member?

NIU Health is not a commercial or retail pharmacy. NIU Health’s licensed drug dispensary offers medications that are prescribed to our members by our healthcare providers. This allows members to purchase drugs at a very low cost from our drug dispensary.

Does my subscription qualify as a medical expense using my TASC card?

Flex spending is a great benefit to have when covering medical-related expenses. However, we suggest you check with the company that mandates your TASC card to see if transactions made to NIU Health are qualified as medical expenses under your TASC card agreements.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. If you signed up for a 6 or 12-month membership plan you will be billed the full price of the 6 or 12 months subscription and will have continued access to the membership benefits until the subscription expiration date.