Faq Urgent Care

What is the NIU Health Coin and how can I start earning?

NIU Health Coin is set to bring much needed change in the domain of modern-day healthcare. With the power of cryptocurrency, NIU Health Coin will help make high-quality healthcare affordable for all. Sign up with NIU Health to get on the path to earning your NIU Tokens – redeemable for NIU Health Coins.

How do we keep costs so low?

Partnerships with Advertisers help us offer high-quality medical care at an affordable cost. Just Like YouTube, members watch a few local ads before their telehealth or in-person appointment. If you are a local or national brand that wants to reach thousands of viewers a month for a very low cost, Advertise with Us.

How does it work?

Simple and easy sign up process just like Netflix or Facebook. If you have a question or need help please contact us. Sign up on niuhealth.com Start an Appointment Get Treated

What is Urgent Care +?

24/7 telehealth appointments Same-day in-person appointments (please refer to our Clinic Hours) Most prescription medication under $5 Local doctors and nurses