Welcome to Urgent Care+

Same-day telehealth and in-person appointments for less than $10 per month.

What is Urgent Care+?

  • Open 24/7

  • Same-day appointments (telehealth and in-person)

  • Most prescription medication under $5

  • Same membership price with or without insurance

  • Local doctors and nurses

Serving the Hawaiian Islands & American Samoa and the Neighbor Islands

How Does it Work?


Simple and easy sign up process just like Netflix or Facebook. If you have a question or need help please contact us.

  1. Sign up on niuhealth.com

  2. Start an Appointment

  3. Get Treated

How We Keep Costs So Low?

Partnerships with Advertisers help us offer high-quality medical care at an affordable cost.


Just Like YouTube, members watch a few local ads before their telehealth or in-person appointment.


If you are a local or national brand that wants to reach thousands of viewers a month for a very low cost, advertise with us.

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$9.99 Month-to-Month

$96.00 for 1-Year

Questions or concerns? Contact us any time. We love to talk story.